HTC new products January sale

Facing the global slump in the mobile device industry, established mobile phone manufacturer HTC is trying to turn things around, however HTC have recently encountered new challenges. According to media reports, due to poor market performance, the first application to Facebook Home interface of HTC Smartphone First, AT&T sale will be carriers, and that the phone listed just a month away. Compared to the degree of hot HTC One currently on the market, HTC First the sales situation is very bleak. HTC First the initial contract price of us $ 99 sale, due to poor sales, carrier AT&T will then cheap oakleys
contract prices have dropped to $ 0.99, but such low prices did not awaken the interest of users for this phone, sale rumours going oakley sunglasses sale
on this message for Facebook the future development in the mobile terminal, has a major impact. HTC First the price still faces sale dilemma In April of this year, HTC AT&T hand in hand, and Facebook has launched mobile HTC First, this phone's biggest highlights is a preinstalled Facebook Home custom interface. How do to this new product has high hopes for HTC didn't ask for just a month, comes on sale news, operators t decision suspending the sale of HTC First and all inventory back to HTC, because this phone sales are dismal. Now HTC has not made any official comment. Predicament faced cheap oakley sunglasses
by HTC First sale is no accident. HTC is First customized Facebook mobile phone not only configured quite satisfactory, and also a built-in constant Facebook Home social applications, so only appeal to some Facebook fans. HTC First may not die right away, but it is still a failed product. Although this phone is considered the AT&T flagship Smartphone launched this spring, but ranked last in consumers ' real purchase intention, it seems. In order oakley sunglasses cheap
to promote sales, AT&T and even HTC First the contract price cheap oakley sunglasses
down to $ 0.99 from $ 99, but poor sales do not seem to ease. With obscure hardware preparation and Android users don't want it to be their own cell phone desktop software package, HTC First is probably gas spring. HTC trouble on the first day of the First publication. Not optimistic about HTC who First pointed out, Facebook Home, as an application under the Android system, install cover and hide the other applications in the mobile phone, only for those addicted to Facebook user information on a daily basis.

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