Prohibiting purchasers from reselling Google Google eyeglasses

The wired website, developer-oriented exploration of Google goggles already started shipping this week, first step however served in developer hands the spectacle raises the terms of service of Google buzz. Because the article makes it clear that Google glasses not for resale to others, otherwise the device will be "frozen" (deactivate).cheap oakleys
Under the terms of service: "the buyer may not resell, lend, transfer or give to any other person. Without the Google authorisation for resale, loan, transfer or gift of your device, Google has the right to ' freeze ' the device, buyers and users of unauthorized person is not entitled to a refund, product support, or warranty service. ? Wired noted that, as per Google goggles is bound to Google accounts and buyers together, so Google can monitor whether the purchaser himself using Google oakley sunglasses
It is learned that the outside attention to "Google goggles is not transferable," this provision, because someone did a few days ago in the online auction, Google goggles. This United States consumers have not application developers, because he was involved in on Google's social media campaign, was eventually selected as the lucky user, and given the opportunity to buy glasses.oakley outlet

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