News that Google goggles is in the United States local Assembly


Reports that Google goggles will be carried out in an assembly plant located in Santa Clara, the factory Hai by Google partners responsible for oakley sunglasses
The financial times cited anonymous sources that Google is production activities back to the United States domestic market, designed to monitor the production process and can be changed at the last minute. Sources, Google glasses Assembly work at United States completed, but most of the parts provided by the Asian partner. Google has previously said the Nexus Q media player in United States domestic production, but the project was eventually shelved, Google has not made any official eyeglasses
Starting today, Google will notify winners of the #IfIHadGlass competition, invitation to experience Google goggles, 8,000 people will have the opportunity to pay $ 1500 first experience, Google will be oriented to the general public in a few months later released. oakley outlet
.According to the Financial Times Deutschland reported, Google goggles "in the next few weeks," accelerated. Traders noted that Google in the United States local Google goggles may be related to quality control issues. Currently, Google glasses very high prices, and the production quantity is extremely low. Since the recent Hon Hai Precision has talked about expanding United States business problems, Apple also said during this year's State of the Union speech, Mac will be back to the United States market.glassespop
Google has yet to comment on the news.

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